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With the increase of life expectancy due to better medical care has risen the median age of the population of all developed and developing countries. – ” The number of people aged 60 years and over has tripled since 1950 and reached 600 million in 2000 and surpassed 700 million in 2006. It is projected that the combined senior and geriatric population will reach 2.1 billion by 2050. 

While ensuring a good life for our elders is our responsibility, their health and wellbeing are going to be a bigger challenge than it is generally conceived. Two of the most disturbing aspects of their health and happiness for graceful ageing are their loneliness and economic anxiety. The doctors, the family members the policymakers, and the industry leaders – all have to work in tandem for a comprehensive regimen, which may, however, change a shade according to the local culture. Invite comments and thought on the subject.

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a difficult choice for an investor to make between health and wellness centers.

Health is the state of being, and the wellness to keep it. One stands for addressing disorders, and the other, an ideal way of life to maintain.
An overview of the respective markets: The estimated global wellness market presently is at approximately $1.5 trillion, increasing at a rate of around 10 %. The current rate of rising consumer interest and purchasing power shows a possibility of tremendous opportunities for investors globally, particularly as spending on personal wellness rebounds after stagnating or declining during the COVID-19 crisis. On the other hand, The AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy) market currently stands at $10 bn and is projected to see an increase of 50% over the next five years, particularly in India. And since there are no FDI limits, this sector is bound to record massive growth in our country where there is a ministry dedicated to the research and development of Indian medical practices in the realm of affordable healthcare. It is predicted that the success of advanced research will also attract global investment in a big way.

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after covid-19

Pandemic has taught us to recognise our physical vulnerability, more so if we have a weak body system; and if we have chronic disorder to accompany, even a minor attack can be lethal. It also has taught us that long time neglect, unhealthy habits, closed unhygienic apartment houses – however lavishly decorated, is of no use. The age-old wisdom of living with fresh air, sunshine, better blood circulation through physical movement, simple food like fresh fruits and vegetables are the ultimate, together with a healthy lifestyle. There is a renewed acknowledgement worldwide that YOU and YOU alone are responsible for your life and death. We differ from each other in our physical constitution, habit, taste and thought. Health and Wellness industry recognizes these differences and each Health Centre is in a rat race and is keen to prove that it is the best-suited center to help you discover your strength and weakness according to your body constitution, and prescribe treatment and a diet that heals. A few establishments focus on the prevention of diseases as well as the cure of ailments, naturally and without medicine. These are Alternative Healing Centers and are different from short-stay Resorts. But whatever you choose, it is a lifetime opportunity for Health and Wellness Industry to serve society with aplomb

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