We Offer from end to End Project Solution

What we Do

Management Consultancy, Business module, Marketing Strategy, Branding

Start-up Concept, Master Plan, Building Eco-friendly Infrastructure campus of international standard with artistic design

We offer our service from end- to- end project completion, taking full responsibilities for achieving the highest goal of stake holders

We inspire our clients and help each other to succeed in business and life. We give our time and talent to ensure that, in the end, we both succeed.

If this sounds like you needed someone to share your dreams to fulfil those, let us start creating a new chapter in each other’s life.

If you are interested in your health and also others, and have resources but do not know how to achieve your goal , we are just a phone call away .


We offer solutions under one roof.

Kitchen Setup


Treatment Plan

Restaurant Setup

ROI Plan

Brand Building

H R Setup

USP Setup

we provide end to end project solution

Amongst the crowd of consultancy firms, we stand out by our passion, zeal, and innovative prowess through a team of professionals including Medical doctors, Naturopaths , Physiotherapists and Engineers and Architects, who have years of hands- on experience in Alternative Healthcare, Medi-spa, High-end Hospitality. We emphasise on creating facilities even if it is a green field project.

a health resort or a ayurveda / naturopathy healing centre.. or both?

Renovate, Rejuvenate, Re-plan and Re-discover your business strength..with Invigors Consultancy. A team of experienced Health Care Consultants for Hospitals , Wellness Centres , Health Resorts and Assisted Living Centres . Specialised on Health Resorts of Naturopathy- Ayurveda start -up / brownfield projects . Management Consultancy on infrastructure, business strategy , market entry and branding

latest concept and technology of Wellness treatments

We bring the latest in Treatment Module and technology in Healthcare and Wellness. We include Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Yoga, Fitness and Physical Therapy, as well as trending concepts in Real Estate.

Dear Investor / Real Estate Business Owner:

You might have heard that health care is the next in-the thing for a big investment.

  • You immediately got interested but realised that you do not have adequate knowledge of the subject.
  • You are busy with your business in hand and have no time to go for market research.
  • You are uncertain about the outcome and realise that you need an expert who knows the job and is willing to assist you
  • You are undecided even about the quality of the self-proclaimed “experts’ and losing your confidence to venture into your new field of business despite your huge contact and financial resources.
  • The time that you take Invigors Consultancy’s help.
  • We are people with hands-on Health care industry experience of decades working to help you reach your destination.
  • We will put our industry experience, professional networking and skilled workforce.
  • We take your potential as an assignment
  • Do the required market analysis to work on your needs
  • Research the potential customers.
  • Gather information for you
  • Design and promote the project as a Greenfield or Brownfield one as the case may be, and help you start your business.

Our Clients